Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's here (Not just Crackdown)!

I'm usually not that excited about game releases.

Sure, I get excited while putting the disc into the system for the first time, but as for waking up and saying: "Yay! It's here!", that's a pretty rare occurrence. However, today was an exception.

I was in Vegas this year for CES, and noticed a playable version of Crackdown. The line was short, and people didn't seem too excited about it, so I passed go to Guitar Hero 2 instead. I immediately put Crackdown aside, telling my friend: "That looks like crap", and walking away. After hearing my friends rant and rave about it, I decided to download the demo, and have since put a pre-order down on the game, picked it up, and played it for the hour that I've been home. I've come to one conclusion regarding Crackdown, and I never thought I'd say it, but...

It's a great game.

Running, jumping, shooting, cel shaded, action, open city, XBox Live; all these things add up to create an experience I know I'll be playing for months down the road, and for the hour I've been playing it I haven't even started a mission. I've run around, shot thugs, jumped from building to building, and had a great time. Truly, Microsoft has come across something that's going to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere, and I apologize to them for immediately dismissing it as: "Just another GTA clone."

The second coming today, is my cousin Sydney. I assume she's being born now as my uncle send me a text message saying: "I see a lot of hair!"

Can't wait to meet ya' Sydney. Until I do though, it's back to Crackdown!


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